Cheap Replica Patek Philippe Video. The Flamme® gemsetting technique

Cheap Swiss Replica Watches Forever — With the debut of the Calatrava Ref. 7200/200R, Patek Philippe Replica Watches is enriching its current collection by introducing a new gemsetting technique.

The Flamme® gemsetting technique it redoubles the fire of the diamonds and adds extra sparkle and lucidity to the precious stones.

The bezel of the Calatrava 7200/200R in rose gold features 142 diamonds set in two staggered rows. Once the stones have been placed in their intended positions, the gemsetter manually sculpts a small prong for each one and then bends it over the diamond to secure it on one side from above. Then, with a sharp burin, he splits the gold between the diamonds. Pushed aside, the gold material forms small supports that secure the diamonds adjacent to the groove from below. Thanks to staggered apertures beneath the stones, the light can also shine through them from below, thus amplifying the inherent fire of the diamonds. Because the prongs are offset against each other as well, they create a texture on the bezel that resembles bobbin lace.

Like the stonesetting methods used for all of the manufacture's other jewelry fake watches for sale, the new Flamme® setting technique reflects the genuine artistry of master jewelers and is executed in accordance with the rigorous rules of the Patek Philippe Seal. Only flawless Top Wesselton diamonds are used.