Piaget Replica Watches Play a Different Game

— Replica Piaget and 9 global social media influencers unveil Piaget Polo S in Brooklyn


It’s a big year for Piaget – Swiss Replica Watches and jewelry brand with a rich history of record-setting accomplishments. Just last week, against a well-lit backdrop of bridges and city skylines, Piaget took over the entire space of the Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and brought in 9 leaders to help announce the new all-stainless-steel Piaget Polo S line designed for the game changers of today’s world.

During a hot night (temperature wise) in Brooklyn, the event was also hot - with guests walking a blue-lantern-lit walkway, photographers capturing photos of guests against the skyline, and a cast of celebrities from a host of different fields walking the red carpet. Among the stars on hand: Piaget’s international brand ambassador, Ryan Reynolds – whose most recent movie is Deadpool. “One of the things I have in common with this watch is that I like the idea of relaxed luxury, the idea that what you wear with a tuxedo, you can also wear with casual clothes,” says Reynolds of the Piaget Polo S.

The others comprise a roster of eight men who will wear the Piaget Polo S and talk about it to their followers on social media. They include actor Michael B. Jordan (most recently of Creed); Shanghai actor Hu Ge; Belgium-born tennis player David Goffin; Japanese-born musician, singer and songwriter, Miyavi; French-born chef, Jean-Francois Piège, artist and business man Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor, who is making inroads in bringing high men’s fashion to the UAE; British polo player and entrepreneur, Malcolm Borwick, who has represented the country in more than 50 games around the world; and award-winning Swiss novelist Joël Dicker.

Each of these men got up on stage and presented a little bit about what time means to them and about their careers and how they hope to play a role in making a difference in people’s lives.

According to Philippe Leopold Metzger, global CEO of Piaget, “the world is changing and we need to change with it. We need to appeal to today’s customers and do it on a level they are familiar with.” He is referring to the social media platforms that these men have a significant presence on, and to the fact that today’s generation is all about playing a different game.

In fact, the Piaget Polo S marketing and ad campaign will carry the tag line: “Play a Different Game.” Each ad will feature these stars wearing one of the five different automatic or chronograph watches that comprise the line.

The Piaget Polo S is inspired by the now-iconic Piaget Polo that greeted the world for the first time back in 1979. Then an all-gold line with integrated case and bracelet, the watch took global markets by storm thanks to its sleek look and its relationship with the beloved sport of Polo. In fact, Piaget even started its own celebrity Polo team to mark its relationship.

Today’s game-changing Piaget Polo S watch is designed to mark several firsts for the brand. It represents a new opening price point for replica Piaget watches – starting at $9,350 for the automatic three-hands with date, and ranging to $12,400 for the chronograph. Additionally the Piaget Polo S marks the first time the brand – known for its gold and platinum noble-metals watches – unveils an entire line in stainless steel (the brand has had steel in the mix in the past, but only for a few watches along the way.)


Polo S watches: 3 three-hand models, 2 chronographs. © Piaget

For both the three-hand automatics and the chronographs, Piaget has developed all-new movements. The Piaget Polo S Automatic – offered with a choice of three different dial colors (blue, silvered, slate gray) -- is powered by the 1110P movement. The chronographs – offered with either blue or white dial – house the automatic Piaget 1160P movement. All watches feature a sapphire caseback for viewing of the movement.

The 42mm Replica Watches – designed to appeal to both men and women – is a cushion-shaped dial within a round case. Each features a hand-assembled bracelet with alternating polished and satin-finished links.